BOOK REVIEW: The Mask of Destiny: The Billionaire Trilogy Book Three (Richard Newsome, Text)

In ‘The Billionaire Trilogy’, Richard Newsome has written an adventure series that has shades of Indiana Jones and a Dan Brown thriller, pitched at a level that is accessible for its younger audience. In this excitement-filled final instalment, our protagonist Gerald Wilkins finds himself smack in the middle of the answer to everything—but unfortunately, this includes a murder charge. When Gerald is framed for the murder of his evil nemesis Mason Green, he is forced to go on the run, along with his trusty sidekicks, twins Sam and Ruby Valentine. The trio needs to find the ruby casket, an unknown treasure, and prove Gerald’s innocence. This leads them on a fast-paced series of adventures through France, the Vatican City and Greece. Meanwhile, Mason Green’s niece Charlotte is striving for world domination. Will Gerald, Sam and Ruby stop Charlotte or will Gerald end up in prison? While the story might follow a predictable formula, the excitement level is high, and is bound to keep children aged 9-12 enthralled.

Anne Copeland is a freelance reviewer and education accounts manager for Dymocks, Collins St in Melbourne. This review first appeared in the August issue of Bookseller+Publisher magazine.

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