BOOK REVIEW: Arkie Sparkle: Treasure Hunter—Code Crimson (Petra James, Pan Macmillan)

Arkie Sparkle knows what she wants to be: a treasure hunter just like her globetrotting parents. So when her mum and dad are kidnapped, Arkie follows a cryptic ransom note halfway across the globe in their pursuit, along with her genius (and slightly annoying) best friend TJ and her dog Charlie, as well as an array of inventions and high-tech gadgets. First stop: Egypt, and Queen Nefertari’s cartouche, where Arkie will have to use all her know-how to find the first of seven treasures that the kidnappers have demanded. Arkie Sparkle introduces a bright new character who has everything that young female readers will love: intelligence, independence, tenacity, access to cool technology and an outfit for every adventure (which TJ just happens to design, in each new season’s colours). The story is peppered with fun facts and illustrated with creative, age-appropriate margin designs, which make this an even more engaging read. Something new happens on every page—from edible cookie clues to time travel. Arkie Sparkle will appeal to young female readers of mid-to-late primary age. This is the first book in a series.
Rebecca Butterworth is a freelance writer and book reviewer living in Melbourne. This review first appeared in the April/May issue of Bookseller+Publisher Magazine. View more pre-publication reviews here.

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