Most mentioned books this week

Alan ‘The Red Fox’ Reid covered Australian politics from the 1930s to the 1980s and became one of Australia’s most influential political journalists. Ross Fitzgerald and Stephen Holt have written a biography of the writer Alan ‘The Red Fox’ Reid: Pressman Par Excellence (NewSouth) and it is being received with much interest as it does its rounds of reviewers’ desks and nonfiction fans pick it up from bookstores across the country. John Lister-Kaye’s At the Water’s Edge (Canongate) and Barbara Trapido’s Sex and Stravinsky (Bloomsbury) also featured in Media Extra several times this week. Simon Leys’ With Stendhal (Black Inc.) is a portrait of the 19th-century French novelist Henri Beyle, better known to us as Stendhal. It also appeared on the top five this week. (See our review here.)—Media Extra.