Dymocks to launch a publishing arm

Following hot on the heels of the news that a publisher has become a bookseller (Pearson purchasing Borders and Angus & Robertson online), comes the announcement that the bookselling chain Dymocks will launch a publishing arm in October.

To be called D Publishing, the web-based business will allow users to upload draft manuscripts online ‘and proceed to produce and publish their book’ the bookseller said in a statement.

Dymocks CEO Don Grover told the Weekly Book Newsletter that D Publishing will launch with two books by debut Australian authors in October. Dymocks are also inviting interested writers to submit manuscripts for consideration for a pre-launch trial of the service to dpublishing@dymocks.com.au. Dymocks will select 10 manuscripts from these submissions and the authors will be given the opportunity to produce their books in the lead-up to the October launch.

Following the launch, Grover said the first step for interested writers will be to upload their manuscript online. They will then be able to choose various features to add to their book, including cover design, editing and typesetting work. The author can then select to print hard copies of the book, using a print-on-demand option and create an ebook version of the title.

Grover said ‘a very small team internally but a much bigger team externally’ will be employed to work in the publishing arm of the business, and D Publishing will work with Griffin Press to provide the print-on-demand aspect of the service. ‘We think there’s a big opportunity for freelancers to be a part of it,’ said Grover, adding that Dymocks is ‘really looking forward’ to talking to those in the industry who might like to be involved.

Grover said more information about author rights and royalties for D Publishing titles will be available once the service has been launched. Titles published by D Publishing will have ISBNs and barcodes and ‘in certain circumstances, obviously at our choice, we will look at international and Australian distribution,’ said Grover.

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