Bestsellers this week

The love between schoolgirl Nora and fallen angel Patch has transcended the boundary between heaven and earth. After overcoming the secrets of Patch’s dark past and facing heart-wrenching tests along the way, they must now stop a villain who seeks to destroy their loving bond. So goes Becca Fitzpatrick’s Silence (S&S), the third book in the ‘Hush, Hush’ saga, which is at the top of the highest new entries chart and has snuck into fourth place on the bestsellers chart. The three top bestsellers didn’t budge from their previous positions this week. They are The Affair (Lee Child, Bantam), followed by Lola’s Secret (Monica McInerney, Michael Joseph), then Kill Alex Cross (James Patterson, Arrow Books). The Ox is Slow But the Earth is Patient (Mick Malthouse & David Buttifant, A&U) is at the top of the fastest movers chart–Weekly Book Newsletter.

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